Mike Matusow Biography

Mike Matusow, of Full Tilt Poker was born in Los Angeles, California and is a professional poker player living in Nevada. During Mike’s childhood he was often bullied and didn’t get along with many other people at school and ended up not even going to college after finishing highschool. Mike tried his hand at becoming an auto mechanic, but he never finished the courses he needed to finish and then ended up having to work with his parents in there furniture store.

Mike realized this wasn’t going to make him enough money and he started gambling to try and earn more money with the money he had made. Mike didn’t fair so well at first when he was playing games in the casino and ended up going to Gambling Anonymous courses to treat his problem. After these early struggles for Mike he found work dealing poker in a casino and learned how to play the game from Steve Samaroff. Matusow continued working as a dealer, but started playing the game when he wasn’t working and eventually made the move to start playing professionally and quit dealing.

Once Mike decided to make the move to play professionally he started making a lot of money at the tables and started entering the big tournaments. Over Mike’s career he has won three WSOP bracelets and finished in the money twenty-five times in his career just in WSOP events alone. This makes Mike Matusow one of the most consistent player’s to play the WSOP events and he continues to win to this day which makes me wonder how high his numbers will be once he retires.

Matusow won his first WSOP bracelet in 1999 in the $3500 no limit Holdem event. Since then Mike has won two more bracelets including one in 2002 and just recently in 2008. Mike also plays in the WPT events regularly, but he hasn’t been able to win a championship yet in the WPT. Mike does have four final tables and eight money finishes in his career in the WPT though. Over Mike’s career he has made over seven million dollars in live poker events including over three million in WSOP poker events alone.

Matusow has also been one of the professional poker players that love to play online poker at PokerStars.com and FullTilt Poker. Mike can often be found playing online poker everyday. He has had streaks where he has won a lot of money and he has had streaks where he has lost a lot of money. Mike does gain a lot of playing experience from playing so much online poker though and has helped him develop one of the best playing styles that is seen today.

Mike Matusow is often called by his nickname “The Mouth” because he is awfully mouthy when he is playing poker and speaks his mind. Mike never backs down from a battle at the poker table and is often noted as being a little to aggressive sometimes when he is playing. You’ll either love or hate Mike, but either way you can’t deny that he is one of the best and most consistent poker players of all time.