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NEW YORK — Kevin figures about half of the male students at his suburban high school are regular poker players. It’s the latest teen rite of passage: Texas Hold ‘Em with the boys, a little low-budget action on the weekend. More …

ALASKA – As reported by the Anchorage Daily News: “The man dubbed ‘Alaska’s Poker Guru’ pitched the Anchorage business community Monday on his efforts to legalize card rooms in the state.

Guess Who’s Checking Your Poker Hand 

Every player on Celebrity Poker Showdown, which returns to Bravo Thursday at 8 ET/PT, receives a copy of co-host Phil Gordon’s 20 Short Tips to Better Texas Hold ‘Em (available for a $20 donation to cancer research at

More young adults are making online poker a career choice, but is the risk of addiction too high?

HighRollerRadio Brings Internet Poker Show to its Channel 

ONLINE GAMING and the action in Las Vegas have one thing in common: money, lots of it. And while the boom in Internet gambling has hit the U.S., analysts — and players — say this is only the first deal, so pull up a chair and ante up.

BROWNSVILLE, August 10, 2005 — A framed newspaper article on the wall of B-N-B Poker Supply said state Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled that poker tournaments are legal in Texas as long as players don’t risk money for a prize.

Online poker players question game fixing 

Going All In for Online Poker – Internet gambling may be illegal in the United States, but the sites are minting money, and investors want some action.

Poker made simple: What’s he got? Countless questions abound when cards fall, not all answers are simple

Poker. It’s everywhere. In basements and backyards, at dog tracks, casino cruise ships and, most popular of all, on the Internet.

What’s a little sanctioned lying and manipulation among friends? As residents continue their steady stream into Downtown Los Angeles, and cliques shuffle and reshuffle as fast as a deck of cards, poker games are sprouting up. Alcohol and cigarettes are consumed; trash talk and bluffs are dispensed; and yes, sunglasses are donned – often in broad daylight – so players don’t reveal their “tells.”

AUSTRALIAN tax collectors could be singing “Viva, Joe Hachem” when the Melbourne poker ace returns from Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS – Here is my fear about the poker nation we are creating, part one: One day, while tens of millions of us are holed up in our bedrooms or dens — shades lowered, computers whirring — playing four screens of Texas Hold ’em simultaneously, Soviet troops will roll into New York and bring America to the brink of collapse.

Activision Catches Poker Fever The World Series of Poker is scheduled for your living room.

Flanked by hostesses in slinky black dresses and introduced with blaring rock music, a group of marketing experts and attorneys gathered at a Las Vegas casino to advise online poker operators how to promote a business that both the state and federal government consider to be illegal.

Mistake Sends Man To World Series Of Poker July 4, 2005 10:27 a.m. EST Jasen K Lee – All Headline News Staff Reporter Killeen, TX (AHN) – 65-year old Robert Guinther is on his way to Las Vegas to compete with the “big boys and girls” at the World Series of Poker thanks to a error on his part.

Combine American Idol,Amazing Race and Poker,you get a new television show, The Small Town Poker Tour.It is as simple as the title states, blend everyday people with the exciting game of Texas Hold’em,and travel the country in search of the number one amateur poker player.

Public poker OK if no money wagered; By Jack Douglas Jr.; Star-Telegram Staff Writer; AUSTIN – Poker players, deal your hand, and order another round from the waitress.

ODESSA — A recent attorney general opinion requested by a West Texas prosecutor says the popular “Texas Hold ‘Em” poker tournaments are legal as long as players don’t risk money for a prize.

Business Owners Plan Poker Tournament To Raise Money For Injured Realtor

PARTY GAMING, the online poker company planning a controversial £4.8 billion London listing, faces the threat of legal action under the Canadian Criminal Code.

PartyGaming, the world’s biggest online poker company, said its backers will raise up to $2.1 billion in a London share listing–less than expected as concerns over the legal status of online gaming persist.

Chad Flood, 24, of Fond du Lac reached the apex of his college poker career last month when he won the second annual College Poker Championship, a worldwide online Texas Hold ‘Em tournament with more than 25,000 players competing. Flood, an economics major at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, took home a $41,000 scholarship, had a $1,000 donation made in his name to the American Diabetes Association, and earned the title of best college poker player in the world. After his win, he spoke with the Journal Sentinel’s Chase Davis.

MINNEAPOLIS – A University of Minnesota student who was named the best college poker player in the world will receive a trophy and a $41,000 scholarship on Thursday.

Eighty percent of high school students said they have gambled in past year… By Andrea Yeutter, Daily Telegram Staff Writer

CHICAGO, June 4 – Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota signed legislation on Friday legalizing Texas hold’em poker tournaments in the state.

Smoke rises, beer bottles perspire and anticipation builds this evening at CrossRoads Sports Bar & Billiards. People file in and mingle and playfully size each other up
For nearly a year, poker fans, many of them recent converts, have been watching last year’s World Series of Poker on television, following Connecticut patent attorney Greg Raymer’s triumph over a record field of more than 2,500 competitors on his way to a whopping grand prize of $5 million in the No-Limit Texas Hold ’em World Championship.

One of the swanky poker clubs shut down by cops last week was so confident about its alleged illegal activities it published a newsletter hours before the raid.

Seven local charities hope a big poker tent on the Cuyahoga River’s west bank will yield tens of thousands of dollars.

ALBANY, May 23 – Its odds of becoming law may be even higher than those of drawing to an inside straight, but a legislator from Queens introduced a bill this month that would legalize low-stakes Texas hold ’em poker tournaments in bars and nightclubs.

DURHAM — The expert witnesses came from Las Vegas, the Bahamas and Florida to testify that poker is chiefly a game of skill.

Phil Hellmuth, nine-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) champion, had plans on raising a lot of money this weekend for the Houston chapter of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. That is, until the Phil Hellmuth Poker Challenge was cancelled over concerns of its legality.

John Carlton, proprietor of Kansas City’s Ace Kicker Tees, said Wednesday that he will not allow Wal-Mart Stores to offer its poker-themed shirts, citing the retailer’s history of censorship for his decision.

PHILADELPHIA – (KRT) – An advertising logo worn by Afleet Alex jockey Jeremy Rose during the Kentucky Derby for an online poker site could land him a fine.

STATELINE – On a nondescript Wednesday afternoon inside Harveys, women wearing flashy jewelry yank on slot machines handles. Others roll dice at craps tables or watch blackjack dealers take their chips. It’s regular casino cinema, no different than what is was 25 years ago.

A raid netted more than $2,000 in cash and poker-playing equipment from an apartment officers said was a regular poker den.

RALEIGH, N.C. — Texas Holdem may be sweeping the nation as the newest parlor game, but it and other versions of poker are still illegal in North Carolina.

You’re playing with real money. You’ve paid for betting chips via an escrow service. And, if you’re lucky enough to win, your account will be credited with money. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s all illegal, according to the Department of Justice.

The Texas Hold ‘Em games began as the sun went down every Tuesday at Guadalajara Restaurant in Palmer Lake.

Ever since last year, Nashua High School North has not allowed playing cards and gambling to take place. Students still feel resentment toward this rule.

During the day, Michael Anthony Thorn was a police officer in Howard County, where for 18 years he worked to uphold the law. At night, police say, Tykie Thorn was the manager and pit boss of an illegal Texas Hold ‘Em poker casino run out of a warehouse in Anne Arundel County

Communities are the winners with poker fund-raisers 

Behind closed doors, even at the Alaska Capitol, staffers and legislators play weekly rounds of poker. One senator wants to make it legal for people to gather at public “card rooms” for fun and cash, and for businesses to profit from it.

A Penfield man charged with promoting illegal gambling was in court Monday.

Have you always wondered why the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom had the word “casino” in its name? Well, it should make perfect sense when the venerable venue hosts the first Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament on Friday, May 6.

ALBANY — Linn County is considering an ordinance that would explicitly allow friendly games of poker and other social games to be played in public settings in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Nyngan Rotary Club and Nyngan Central Committee have combined forces to bring together The Great Bogan Poker Bash on Saturday April 23 at Rotary Park.

ALONG the streets of New York at almost any hour of any day — above nail salons, next to Star bucks and under corporate offices — there are hard-core gamblers dropping wads of cash in the city’s secret poker parlors.

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. – It’s just another weekday afternoon at Foxwoods Resort Casino and the wait for a seat at a poker table is well more than an hour. All 81 tables, all 810 seats at New England’s only poker room, are filled.

Cops Target Illegal Poker Operations – Detectives arrest 37 suspects at two major poker games in Fairfax County.

It’s not even noon yet on a Saturday and the poker room at Baccarat Casino is packed. Too packed. There are only 88 seats available in their weekly no-limit hold-’em tournament, and you can tell by looking that won’t be enough.

If you stroll by any college dormitory nowadays, you just might hear some familiar shouts echoing across campus late at night, “I’m all in,” or “Send it!” Spring is in the air, and so is Texas Hold’em Poker—the now-famous pastime for college students around the world.

To walk through a poker room at a casino and smell the sweat and cigarette smoke on the players, it can be hard to believe that this is where stars are made these days. Professional poker players, fueled by the explosion of tournaments on television, have become celebrities and inspirations to adolescents.

Internet poker’s run of bad luck continued in the North Dakota Senate, with senators overwhelmingly defeating a constitutional amendment that sought to require the Legislature to regulate the game., the Swedish online poker giant, has become the first company in the world to launch fully interactive poker games available via mobile phones.

LORAIN — Mike Kennedy, the owner of Kennedy’s Broadway Billiards at 105 W. Fourth St. who was cited by the Ohio Department of Public Safety for hosting Texas Hold’em tournaments, said yesterday he believes that poker for charity is a good idea, but that it needs to be legalized for everyone.

About 200 poker players are expected to compete Sunday night in a Texas Hold’em tournament at the Action Cafe and Billiards hall in Hazelwood.

Few things are worse than on ending up on tilt after being all-in and getting a bad beat by a coffee-housing big dog in the outs who sneaks a back door with a few paints while under the gun and going uphill.

A spot check by Illinois Liquor Control agents at a golf clubhouse in Cahokia over the weekend led to the arrest of 21 people who were playing the popular Texas hold ’em poker game, police said.

There were cheers for Danny Nguyen at both of San Jose’s card clubs this weekend, after the local poker dealer and hometown hero won the $1 million prize in the World Poker Tour’s Shooting Star Tournament at the Bay 101 Casino.

LAS VEGAS – NASCAR Busch Series driver Kenny Wallace won the Mobil High-Endurance Poker Challenge at the Golden Nugget casino on Thursday night. His pot of $50,000 was donated to the Autism Society of America.

BISMARCK, N.D. – The U.S. Justice Department has told Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem it believes a proposal to license Internet poker sites violates federal law. The legislation’s sponsor, Fargo Rep. Jim Kasper, called the agency’s opinion a “hollow threat.”

The deputy assistant attorney general in the department’s criminal division sent a letter to North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem about the bill.

(March 11, 2005) The Dagsboro, Del, councilman and police commissioner is scheduled to appear in District Court in Snow Hill on Thursday, March 24, to answer to a charge of gambling.

In its first full quarterly report as a public company, WPT Enterprises (Nasdaq: WPTE) gave investors a taste of where the company is going.

Should North Dakota become the first state to regulate Internet poker sites? That’s the debate raging this week in the Legislature. The House voted 50-44 on Tuesday to approve putting a state constitutional amendment on the ballot. Voters would make the final decision.

More than 400 people, including actors Tobey Maguire and James Woods, are at a San Jose card club today playing poker for a $1 million first prize and a seat at the World Poker Tour championship game.

GREENSBORO — Prosecutors on Friday won more than the pot from 14 poker players charged after a late-night raid of a secret Greensboro poker parlor in December.

Ocean Pines, MD (AP) Worcester County prosecutors are filing charges against most of the people caught playing in an illegal poker tournament in Ocean Pines.

Greensboro, NC — A Texas Hold’em Poker game at Ham’s on High Point Road got shut down by State Alcohol Law Enforcement Agents Wednesday night.

SALEM, Oregon – As reported by the Oregonian: ” Texas Hold ‘Em — the fast-paced, high-stakes poker game — has become a national craze on cable television, the Internet and in casinos. Now Oregon charities are clamoring for some of the action.

TEXAS CITY –– Just nine of 78 people ticketed in a gambling raid at a Texas City bar last year have decided to take their chances in court.

A pair of 9s at the end of seven and a half hours of Texas Hold ’Em won Madison attorney Chad Lewis a trip to Las Vegas to play big-time poker. He won the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce’s Texas Hold ’Em tournament Saturday, a fund-raiser for the chamber.